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What Makes My Great Kitchen Knife

Well, before I even tell you what makes my great kitchen knives, I personally was born in a family of chefs. Starting from my great grandfather down to my father; all of them have worked in some of the best hotels in and around the world. In seems the love for the kitchen was not only going to stop with them because immediately my father retired from the kitchen I joined one of the best schools of chef in town. It is now over 5 years since I completed my culinary studies and opened a top restaurant in town. Through out all this years, I have probably come across some of the best knives sets. With such experience, I can easily tell a good kitchen knife from a bad one. If getting the top rated chef knives is something you have been giving some serious thoughts lately, here is a list of all the things I always watch out for when shopping for a good knife set.

First of all is all about versatility; when looking for this tool, a kitchen knife that can do quite a number of things is always my top choice. I want something than can dice, mince, slice and do other things. It does not even stop there; I know what rust can do to my knife; thankfully, there are a number of things I can do to prevent this. The best kitchen knives are those that come fully equipped with a stainless steel. With this alone, my knife will not only be rust resistant, but you I find its cleaning easy and hassle free.

Lastly, the handle is another thing that I always give great consideration even more than other things. A knife that comes with excellent and comfortable grip, for me, always makes a great kitchen knife. At the end, a knife that comes short of all that will not make into my kitchen, and I believe that should be the case with you also.