Using Coffee in My Recipes

I bought the new espresso machine after reading some recommendations and now I’m inspired to use coffee in some dessert recipes I found online last night after dinner. One recipe I think I’ll try is coffee buttercream frosting. I make buttercream frosting all the time but the main flavors I make are chocolate, strawberry and peanut butter. Since my daughter’s third birthday is coming up soon, I might make her some banana cupcakes with the coffee buttercream frosting. The ingredients for this recipe are a third cup of brewed coffee, a box of powdered sugar, a stick of butter, two teaspoons of vanilla and a third cup of heavy cream. My daughter will love this frosting at her upcoming party.

Another coffee recipe I want to make is espresso-tinged barbecue sauce. For this recipe I’ll need a cup of brewed espresso, a can of tomato sauce, three teaspoons of dark brown sugar, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of ketchup, spices of my choice, an eighth cup of molasses and a touch of lemon juice. I would let these ingredients simmer over medium heat for about thirty minutes before applying to the cooked meat. Espresso works well in barbecue sauce.

I love to make chocolate recipes and naturally espresso blends well with it. I came across a recipe for espresso chocolate toffee bars and I know my daughter will love this. To make these bars I would make the basic toffee sauce as the topping for the bars and then I would make the espresso chocolate sauce to top the toffee on the bars. I ate toffee a lot as a child and this recipe brings back memories.

In conclusion, there are so many recipes you can make with espresso and I’m wearing out my machine making them.

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