Something To Consider

I will fit into that dress - weight loss motivation

There are so many people looking for work these days. It is sad to see people lose jobs that they have had for years. I know my area is being hard hit just like the rest of the country is. While it may sound funny to talk about starting up a new business there are good opportunities out there. Just because the economy is bad is no reason to give up your dreams. I never gave up my dream of weight loss. Just like I was successful after weight loss surgery a new business can be successful in this economy.

Let Down

Remember when I blogged about how excited we were anticipating the return of 24 to television? Ummm, scratch that. LOL My husband and I were there front and center but we both thought that it was a big disappointment. We sat down with our popcorn, something that I love to snack on since my weight loss. We were expecting the beginning of the plot for the season, you know, the whole 24 thing that the show is based on? Instead it was two hours of Jack running around. There really was not much point to the whole thing. I hope when the actual show starts it is better, if not I’ll scratch one more show off my viewing list. Bummer, there’s not much left to watch!

Tick Tock

I remember when watches were just watches. They all pretty much looked the same and nobody spent much money on them. Now watches are a major fashion statement. Some celebrities spend more on a watch than many people will make in a life time. I was watching TMZ the other day and saw a celebrity wearing a watch that was so encrusted with diamonds I can’t believe he could raise his hand. And I thought my weight loss surgery was expensive!

Those over the top ones aside, I have to admit there are some really beautiful ones out there. I go for the more classic styles myself. I like a watch that will not be out of style in a year or two. There are some very reasonably priced Seiko Watches that fit that category. There are several in their stainless steel with diamonds line that I would love to have. They look much more expensive than they are. Since my weight loss surgery my old watch is too big!