My mother’s day cooking project

Okay, so I don’t make steak very often. Let me change that, very often means that not in the last decade have I cooked a steak myself. I’m actually more of a casserole person. I love me a good casserole, all cheesy, gooey and yummy. Anyway, for Mother’s Day I thought I would make my wife and mother a nice steak dinner. I had my cooking project all planned out. I would make mashed potatoes, boil carrots and zucchini (separately, of course) and cook some good rib-eye steaks.

I went to the meat counter at my local supermarket. I told the guy, “I don’t really cook steak. Can you tell me about the different stakes you have here?” He was very nice and he told me about the different stakes and what I could expect. He suggested the ribeye and it was on sale so that’s what I got. I got yellow potatoes because they are the best for mashed potatoes. I already had a huge bag of carrots for juicing, so I would use those. I had a bunch of zucchini that I hadn’t eaten yet. Ingredients for my cooking project? Check!

About an hour and a half before dinnertime, I started cutting stuff up. I thought I would just prep it and then go take a nap. Surely this dinner wouldn’t take very long to make, right? Hah! The preparations for this cooking project really got away from me. I was busy for the next 90 minutes, cutting, boiling and searing. The cooking project was underway.

The guy at the meat counter had told me how to cook the ribeye. He said the best way to do it is to sear it so it gets a crust and then grill it. Well, I don’t have a grill. I don’t even really have an oven, but I have a really good broiler. So I figured, I could sear the stakes, and then broiled them. That will work, right?

Potatoes are boiling. Carrots are boiling. I’m making packaged gravy (because it is easy!). I go to the Internet to get directions on how to cook ribeye steak. Everybody online says sear the steak in a really really hot pan (over 500 degrees!) and then grill it for two minutes on each side. That’s what I’m going to do.

I don’t have a large cast-iron pan, so I get out my large Dutch oven for this cooking project. I figure that will do the trick. Like I said, I don’t have an oven, so I can’t pre-heat the Dutch oven. I put it on my largest burner, and begin to heat the pan. Per the recipe I found online, I begin by oiling the meat and then sprinkling salt and pepper on each steak. Once the pan is hot, I drop in two steaks to sear on one side for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds I flip them over and they look okay. I have a little bit of the “char” that I’m supposed to get. I put three seared steaks on a cookie sheet and throw it under the broiler on high for two minutes. I flip them for another 2 minutes and then cover them and let them rest.

Now things are really flying. The potatoes are boiled. I’m turning them into mashed potatoes. The carrots are done. The gravy is boiling. The steaks are “grilling” in the broiler. I broiled six stakes, three at a time. They were all seared in the Dutch oven, two at a time. I managed to get everything to the table while it was still hot. Everything was delicious. I was really worried about the steaks, because I’ve never cooked them before. But the Dutch oven and the broiler did the trick. They were fantastic. This is one cooking project I’m going to remember. It was crazy, but it turned out really well.