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Friday Is The Day

Many people like the Thanksgiving holiday because of the food and getting together with family and friends. I have to say that holidays are certainly different since my vertical sleeve gastrectomy weight loss surgery. I still like the food, but my little vsg post weigh loss tummy doesn’t hold much.

Then there are shoppers. They like Thanksgiving because of Black Friday, the Super Bowl of shopping. LOL I am always conflicted about it. I like the deals if there is something in particular I am shopping for, but I hate the crowds. I don’t do crowds well. This year there is also the consideration of the economy. We have definitely cut back as many people have. I wonder what this Friday will be like. Will it be super crowded with people desperate for bargains or will it be a wasteland with everyone staying home?

Diet Food

I have said before that I am for any kind of diet or weight loss program that works for you, not just weight loss surgery. I was talking to a friend who is interested in one of the diet food delivery programs. One of her main problems is that she doesn’t cook so she eats out a lot. She heard about these programs and thought that it would be a solution for her. She asked me to help her find a program.

After a little looking around I found It has extensive information on the top diet food delivery services. The companies covered are Medifast, Nutrisystem, Diet to Go, Zone, E-Diets and Bistro MD. What I especially like about the site is that user contribution is encouraged. There are posts from people who have used the various diet food delivery services with their thoughts and experiences regarding them.

After reading through the site I can see where a diet food delivery program can be a great way to lose weight. You don’t have to stress about making food selections and counting calories. This diet food program didn’t require you to buy the best juicer or the best blenders, it just takes the problems of shopping and cooking out of the equation. The dieter can just pop their entry into the best microwave oven and enjoy their meal. It even looks like a great time saver. I think that once my friend makes her decision she is going to enjoy her diet food delivery plan.

Visiting Blogs

Visiting blogs is one of my favorite pass times when I have the opportunity. Sometimes when I am working on line and need a break I will visit some blogs such as Martha Stewart, Smitten Kitchen to refresh my mind and think about something besides business. With the holiday this weekend I indulged myself and visited lots of blogs. I like blogs that blog about cooking, home improvement and travel.

I have decided to share my list with you. The topics are all over the place but I enjoy them all. You may even find something you like yourself. Here they are.