An Espresso Machine and A Dream

So my neighbor, Sarah, one of the most dedicated coffee lovers I know decided enough is enough. Minimum wage working as a waiter at a local diner is too minimum for her. Even the coffee at her favorite coffee shop is not good enough, so why not do business while at it, make the best coffee herself and get paid more than minimum wage while doing so. Her work experience as a waiter in several diners across town will give her the necessary experience, and a little saved up capital plus equity investment will get the ball rolling.

Cash being the major upset, she had only one shot and she said she will make it count; invest in an espresso machine. So this is where I came in. We had to shop for the best espresso machine that would make her dreams a reality. After looking around for best espresso machine for home use, we discovered the two basic espresso machine types; the steam-driven and the pump-driven espresso machines. With our budget the steam-driven would be more suitable, but she had one shot only so we had to go for the pump based due to its ability to produce better coffee. You might be interested to check out this espresso machine, Mr.Coffee ECM160.

Espresso connoisseurs are typically more hands on’ but Sarah was far from that. She could accessorize your cup of coffee, but not have the wow’ factor. But Sarah was not testing the waters with her new business so as they say practice makes perfect; she practiced and took off. I can say that an espresso machine and a dream, has made Sarah’s customers happy. The business has taken off and she is now researching on espresso machine reviews. She chose mind over matter and it paid off. I generally love coffee and on a bad day I pass by Sara’s. Our gamble paid off and the espresso machine, I can safely say will make Sarah achieve her dreams.

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